Spring break time!

Winter in Minnesota can get long and many of us look forward to spring break vacations and bonus family time!  Whether you are traveling to a sunny destination or sticking close to home, here are our top 5 spring break tips:

1. Move your body!  Vacation doesn’t have to mean you give up your exercise routine- you may just get to switch things up!  I find that morning workouts are the best because they set the tone for a healthy day.  Hitting the gym at home or at your destination will keep you feeling good all week.  Inviting your family to join you in your workouts can make them even more enjoyable!  If no gym is available, stretching, yoga, body weight moves and walking are all good options.  Of course, if you are staying in Minnesota, shoveling snow may be on the list of options as well!

2.  Eat healthy!  While good food often goes along with good times, remember that keeping your diet clean will insure that you feel good and can make the most of your time!  Lean proteins, healthy fats and lots of fruits and veggies will keep your gut happy!  Of course a little indulging here and there can be a good thing too- in moderation of course!

3.  Stay hydrated!  With any change in activity, environment and diet it is always important to remember to stay hydrated!  One half of your body weight in ounces of water every day is a good start to staying well hydrated.  Remember to add extra water if you are flying or transitioning to a warmer climate.  And no, the ice in your drinks does not count towards your water goals! 😉

4.  Protect your skin!  Keeping your skin covered, wearing hats and taking breaks in the shade are all good ways to protect your skin.  If prolonged exposure is in your future, look for an organic sunscreen with clean ingredients.  If you will be doing any ocean or lake swimming, organic sunscreens limit the chemical exposure of the animals in the water as well.  Win, Win!  If you are staying in Minnesota or heading to another winter climate, don’t forget to protect your skin as well!  The sun is definitely getting more intense and it is easy to get too much exposure!

5.  Get some rest!  It is often easy to get caught up in the fun of vacationing, but please remember to sleep in, take an afternoon rest or hit the hay a little early a night or two.  We want you to come home from your vacation feeling rested, rejuvenated, full of wonderful memories and ready to take on the world upon your return!

Staying healthy!

Cold and flu season is upon us and hitting extra hard this year!  We all know the basics of staying healthy….good sleep, hand washing, healthy eating and exercise.  Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our body decides it wants a little challenge and lets those little virus buggers in!

While challenges to our immune system can be good, being sick is no fun.  Getting adjusted and taking the proper immune boosting nutrients can help you recover faster and stay healthier.  Be it an adjustment, vitamins, herbs, acupuncture or essential oils, Dr. Tammy and Dr. Tara are here to keep you as healthy as possible during the winter season!