FIRST VISIT (What to expect)

Your first visit to Prior Lake Natural Health Clinic will last approximately an hour and a half.  Your visit will start with a detailed health history and discussing your intake forms, followed by a chiropractic exam.  Your doctor will use Applied Kinesiology to evaluate possible food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies.  Next, your doctor will discuss with you any findings thus far and discuss treatment options.  Both of our doctors utilize diversified adjusting, Activator method, drop piece adjustments, Sacro-Occipital technique (SOT), Craniosacral Therapy and various soft tissue techniques.  Your first visit will conclude with a report of findings and a recommendation for future care.

Follow-up and wellness visits will generally last 25 minutes with your doctor.  During these visits your doctor will discuss with you any changes or concerns you may have.  Depending on the needs of each patient, follow-up visits will vary patient to patient.  Some patients will have more time spent addressing physical aches and pains with various adjustments and soft tissue techniques.  Other times,  your doctor will focus more on cranial (Craniosacral Technique) or fascial concerns.  Still other times, they will focus more on adjusting nutritional needs and food recommendations.   Each visit will be catered to what each individual patient needs.

We understand that our visits are much longer than most people would expect.  Dr. Nyhus and Dr. Roman feel very strongly about treating the patient as a whole,  and feel the extra time spent working with patients allows them to help patients reach their individual health and wellness goals.